Fees are in accordance with the official tariff system for psychotherapists (Gebührenordnung für Psychologische Psychotherapeuten (GOP)/ Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ)), between 2.8 (112,62€) and 3.5 times the standard rate, depending on professional assessment.

You will receive a detailed invoice at the end of each month.


Please bear in mind that I do not deal with your insurance carrier directly.


Below you find further details regarding payment options and my cancellation policy.



Private insurance

I mainly treat patients who are insured in the German health system by private insurance companies as well as patients who work in the public sector (so-called “Beamte”).


Patients who are insured by private and/ or foreign insurance companies will usually have my bills reimbursed by their insurers. It is important, however, that prior to making an appointment you contact your health insurance to ask if psychotherapy is included and if there are any limitations concerning the frequency of sessions, therapeutic method, medical consular report, etc. as plans and individual coverage differ.



Self Pay

Psychotherapy is covered under most insurance plans. However, there are good reasons why paying for psychotherapy “from your own pocket” could make sense, for instance:

  • Psychotherapy on your record could have negative effects on later attempts to obtain new insurances (e.g. new health insurance, life insurances).
  • If you plan to get "verbeamtet" in the German public service, then psychotherapy on your record could lead to the failure of the "Verbeamtung".
  • As a direct payer there are no formalities involved.
  • As a direct payer you can freely determine the number and frequency of sessions, independent from insurance concerns.

Other reasons could be certain circumstances in life that in general afford a higher level of discretion. As a self-payer you can be sure that only you and your therapist know about your treatment as no information is submitted to your insurance company. Only in case of emergency (serious harm to yourself or harm to others) information about your treatment would be disclosed.



Public insurance

I do not bill the German statutory health insurances directly. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of having your fees at least partially reimbursed by your public insurer - if you can prove that you were not able to find a licensed statutory psychotherapist who can offer you a psychotherapeutic treatment (not just a first session or trial sessions) within a reasonable period of time (mostly 6 weeks) and whose office is situated within easy reach (so called “Kostenerstattungsverfahren”/ cost transfer).


Due to new insurance regulations in April 2017 it has become very difficult (but not impossible!) to get reimbursements from public insurers. As German health insurers are legally obliged to secure the adequate care of their clients you can still apply for psychotherapy through “Kostenerstattung”.


It is very important that you contact your public insurer and ask for details before scheduling an appointment with me as there is a specific "choreography" regarding "Kostenerstattung". Expect a negative reaction - most insurers ask their employees to cut back "Kostenerstattung"/ cost transfer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will send you more information about the specific procedure.


After having done the necessary steps we could schedule a first meeting where you can get to know me and my therapeutic approach. Please regard that I will charge the 2.8 GOP standard rate for therapy in a foreign language (€112,62) for this appointment, which you are obliged to pay after billing. In case of a later approval of your application for psychotherapy this fee might be partially reimbursed by your insurance company.


For further information on “Kostenerstattung” please also have a look at the brochure “Reimbursement” published by the General Chamber of Psychotherapists (BPtK).


Cancellation policy

Psychotherapy practices are organized differently from other medical practices. If a patient cancels his or her appointment at short notice I usually am not able to fill the gap with the next patient waiting. If you cancel your appointment and have not notified me 48 working hours in advance I charge 80% of my fee. For appointments scheduled, for instance, on a Monday morning this means you would have to cancel until Friday morning. In case you have any questions concerning my cancellation policy please contact me.